Postcard from Port Dover, Ontario

Postcard from Port Dover, Ontario

Beach at Port Dover — Photo by P. Dumas

Port Dover is a small town in southern Ontario, Canada, on the coast of Lake Erie. Now famous for its Friday the 13th gatherings of motorcyclists from across Canada and the USA, the town was settled by Loyalists in the 1790s and saw action during the War of 1812. For example, Sir Isaac Brock and his forces gathered and set off from Port Dover (then Dover Mills) to attack and capture Detroit in 1812. In 1814, American soldiers attacked and destroyed most of the hamlet.

On a clear day you can just make out New York state on the horizon across the water and view Long Point to the east. The town is also known for great perch. Make sure you have some when you head to the beach, and maybe grab a Golden Glow — or my favourite, a Cherry Glow — from The Arbor (est. 1919) if you’re thirsty!


View from the Beach at Port Dover — Photo by P. Dumas


Port Dover Perch — Photo by P. Dumas

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